Main aims and duties

                A.    Aims :
·         Developing talents through scientific teaching and research and prevailing medical and paramedical sciences in order to help equip and supply specialist workforce needed by the country.
·         Establishing research facilities in order to recognize unknown potential factors and in order to increase scientific strength related to health problems.
·         Developing health facilities in the society through treatment centers and organizations and their related health centers.
  1. Main Duties:
    •  Teaching students in different areas of medical and paramedical sciences and developing community-based medical education.
    • Performing scientific and clinical research in different areas of medical and paramedical sciences according to social and medical needs of the community and the country.
    • Establishing relationships with other universities and exchanging teachers and students with universities inside the country or overseas through academic and cultural contracts.
    • Performing scientific and educational seminars and conferences.
    • Writing and translating books and publishing journals in different areas of medical sciences.
    • Making attempts to perform general policies of the Health Ministry and supervising those attempts in order to provide public health and improving it through application of health programs, especially in the following domains: 
Environmental health and fighting diseases, family and school health, teaching public health and occupational health while emphasizing primary health care measures especially with regard to "mothers and children".
Supervising optimal performance of health, official programs, and evaluating performed and under-performance programs and activities in the province.
·                     Guiding and briefing authorities involved in planning when preparing plans and programs for the subunits, and integrating and coordinating programs with regard to priorities.
·                      Supervising demographical studied and analyzing the resulting statistics related to health programs in order to be aware of the quality and quantity of the health activities.
·                     Providing necessary facilities for the residents of the area to use the available services through developing public health centers and improving the existing standards.
·                     Supervising the exact performance of rules related to storage, use annihilation of biological, narcotic, ingestional, health and beauty, laboratory and medical product, as well as medical and rehabilitation equipment and necessities.
·                     Representing the university legally in any claims and attending courts while having attorneys.