Kermanshah(Bakhtaran)*  university of Medical Sciences was first established as the Nursing High School in 1347, and it was then changed into a medical college in 1354. After the Islamic Revolution, it was further developed into a medical university in 1364. In addition to teaching and treatment affairs, it has also been dealing with such areas as research, innovations, and an attempt to help develop medical and paramedical sciences. The university consists of seven vice-chancellors, six schools, seven teaching and treatment centers in Kermanshah, ten hospitals, and fourteen health centers in Kermanshah, Islam Abad, Paveh, Salas Babajani, Javanroud, Dalahoo, Ravansar, Sarpole' Zohab, Sonqor, Sahneh, Qasre-Shirin,Kangavar, Gilan Gharb, and Harsin. The university also has 9814 employees and 236 faculty members, and based on well-defined duties and in order to serve the recent scientific and technological leap in the country it has designed scientific strategies and performed effective measures to create a healthy society in an atmosphere full of health, which are mentioned briefly.
* Bakhtaran is the old name of kermanshah