Most prominent capabilities of the university

·         The presence of all branches of specialty in the university.
·         The presence of 24 subspecialists in different branches, and the activity of some
           unique subspecialties such as cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery,             
           pediatric surgery, uropediatric surgery, etc. in Kermanshah.
·         The activities of Imam Reza Teaching and Treatment Centre as the top hospital
           in the West of Iran with the highest evaluation rank in the country.
·         The activities of the subspecial cardiovascular surgery of Imam Ali
·         The activities of radiotherapy, MRI, renal calculus crushing, and peripheral
           angiography in the public sector, being the only public center in the west of the
·        The activities of Kidney Transplant Center.
·         The presence of the only PND center in the west of the country to diagnose
           prenatal thalassemia.
·         Performing an educational program for dialysis ward nurses to provide coverage
           for the west of the country
·         Unique activities of dialysis ward of the teaching center if Imam Reza with 36 
            active beds
·          Proper implementation of planning the Blue Software for thalassemia patients
            and choosing the province as one of the ten pilot areas.
·          Activities of the center for minimizing the harms and quitting addiction for women
            and increasing their sexual health for the first time in the country.