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KUMS Global Strategies and International Affairs

As one the largest medical sciences universities in Iran, KUMS undoubtedly has identified and realized the significance of moving toward the international realm of higher education. Our achievements and capabilities enable us to be evaluated by international criteria in higher education. Accordingly, the office of Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA) has designed various frameworks and strategies to effectively enhance the international activities of KUMS.


KUMS has embarked upon an adventurous journey towards becoming a renowned international university. Meanwhile, we approach, take up, and tackle any challenges with care and accuracy. We have witnessed significant improvement and advances with regard to international development so far, and we sincerely hope to be able to carry on this trend in the future. Internationalization has been an indispensable part of future development of KUMS. Despite being new in the international affairs, the university has developed collaboration with several international institutes and universities.

To fulfill this aim, KUMS is engaged internationally in numerous activities regarding international and cross-border interactions such as student/faculty/clerk mobility (both from and to KUMS), joint educational services with other universities and institutes of higher education, and the last but not least, a cooperation with shared research ventures. Such interactions support KUMS to enhance its international identity.