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Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs (Hospitals & Clinics) is responsible for improving the quality of healthcare services and to reduce the burden of diseases, injuries, and accidents in the community under the coverage of the university in Kermanshah. It is responsible for planning, monitoring, and supervising health-related activities in secondary and tertiary health services for public and private sectors. The office works to ensure that healthcare services are safe, accessible, equitable, affordable and patient-centered, evidence-based and of high quality according to the standards of health care set by the Ministry of Health.


Main Responsibilities:

  •  Accrediting and supervising clinical services offered by hospitals and outpatients centers in the province.
  •  Accrediting clinical services offered by medical professional offices through assessment and granting license.
  • Providing pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services [(EMS), (Call: 115)].
  • Carrying out the principles of emergency and disaster preparedness and management via Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • Need assessment for resource allocation and participating in clinical services.
  •  Providing education and advisory services for quality improvement in clinical settings.
  • Coordinating with other stakeholders to promote healthcare services.
  • Coordinating and supervising applied clinical research.
  • Conducting and implementing the Ministry of Health policies in the province.

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