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Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs provides the welfare and needed facilities for the students of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. It is also responsible for giving cultural, sports, and counseling services to students. The ultimate goal of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is to pave the way for the students to perfectly progress in their educational, cultural, and social lives.

In addition, The Office of Student Counseling, Student Disciplinary Committee, Public Relations, IT, and Financial Affairs help the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to fulfill the tasks and reach the defined objectives.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Careful supervision on the implementation of the activities of subordinate offices.
  • Implementation of the policies set by the Student Affairs.
  • Observing the articles of the Student Disciplinary Committee.
  • Providing utilities and motivating students to participate actively in utilizing the facilities.
  • Harmonizing welfare programs and student services to make them more useful.
  • Participation in seminars and conferences related to the Student Affairs.
  • Giving corrective feedback to improve the quality of the coming programs.
  • Providing and monitoring the students' food according to the existing statistics.
  • Devising a plan for monitoring and controlling the quality and quantity of the food served to the students.
  • Efforts to improve students' accommodation.
  • Providing facilities for the students living in dormitories.

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