KUMS Agentship

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, as a university with a dynamic academic staff and student population in the international arena of higher education, aims to constantly increase its presence in various academic societies around the globe and extend its attainment to even the remotest places and all prospective students in every corner of the globe.

It is with this mindset that KUMS is eager to establish international cooperation with individuals or organizational entities who will assist KUMS in building its international presence by advertising and recruiting students.



Official KUMS Agents List:


   AIEMT Company   Ako Rahim Karim    Bilal Muhamad Majid    Dana Khalid Abdullah
  Ehsan Yaseen Mohammed Amin    Jegar Luqman Azadin    Mohamed Ahmad Hamed    Xandy Lewan Company
  Yasa Salih Hama Amin