School of Public Health:

It was established in 1376 in an area of 30000 square meters.
Dean : Dr. Yahya Safari , PhD
Number of students: 768
Number of academic members : 18 , comprised of 1 associate professor , 9 assistant professors and 8 academic teaching staff.  

§         Public health

§         Environmental health

§         Occupational health

§         Statistics and Epidemiology

§         Nutrition and Food health

Degrees offered: M.S , B.S , A.S

Physical Environment Vastitude:

§         Substructure: 4900 Square Meters

§         Green Space: 2200 Square Meters

§         Parking: 220 Square Meters


§         6 classes with a capacity of 50 people

§         1 class with a capacity of 80 people

§         Conference hall with an area of 50 square meter


§         Chemistry

§         Microbiology

§         Environmental health research

§         Professional health

§         Chemical pesticides

§         Nutrition

§         Leftovers

§         Hydraulic

§         Designing workshop

§         Practice unit


     This college intends to fulfill its services in the province and the county with cooperation of competent and experienced professors in fields of research and education and qualitative and quantitative development of educational department, specialized laboratories, research centers, and development of new methods in two dimensions of research and education. Likewise, it tries to train competent students in order to provide forces in health areas, and to take effective steps in achieving fundamental solutions to solve problems of the province in the country.



     In the next five years, this college attempts to represent itself as the most prestigious research and educational center in the health arena in the West of the country and to achieve valuable position among research and educational centers inside and outside the country.



§         Primacy

§         Idealism

§         Health centralism

§         Qualitative development

§         Particular attention to professors and staff

§         Moralization

§         Appreciating the time

§         Research development

Organizational flourishing


Address : Isar Sq.,Next to Farabi Hospital
Tel : +98(831)8262052 - 8264447
Fax : +98(831) 8263048