Nursing and Midwifery School


History of Nursing School:

     Kermanshah Nursing and MidwiferySchool is one of the oldest and the first nursing schools of Iran that started its activity in 1344 under the title of Shahrivar 25 Academy of Nursing. After the glorious victory of Islamic Revolution in 1357, its name was changed into Shahrivar 17 Nursing School, and from 1361 to 1364, it continued its activity as the research and educational complex. This school has been known as Nursing, Midwifery, and Paramedical school since1364 until paramedical departments got separated from Nursing and MidwiferySchool in 1386 and began to work independently under the title of ParamedicalSchool. Now, Nursing and MidwiferySchool is training undergraduate and postgraduate students in fields of nursing and midwifery.

Dean : Dr. Ali Reza Khatoni , Ph.D

Number of students: 540
Number of academic members:  20 academic teaching staff.
Departments: Nursing, Midwifery
Offered degrees : M.S, B.S
Equipment & Facilities:
Equipped with 6 classes, library, laboratory, amphitheater, and  computer center.


Physical Environment and Facilities:

     Nursing-MidwiferySchool and ParamedicalSchool are located in a shared area of 50000 square meters with substructure of 12000 square meters, green space of 8000 square meters, and logistic environment of 8000 square meters. They have the following facilities:

·        29 classes with a capacity of 30 to 50 people.

·         Amphitheater with a capacity of 150 people.

·        Library of  600 square meters equipped by  computer center, supply information base, males and females’ studies hall, storage, preparation and listing room, deposit section, staffs’ room.

·        Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory: to offer practical courses of bacteriology and parasitology for different fields of the School.

·        Immunology and hematology Laboratory: to offer hematology, immunology, physiology, biochemistry, midwifery’s applied tests, and applied physics courses.

·        Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Laboratory: under equipping. For laboratory studies affairs and chemistry and biochemistry courses.

·        Centers of fertility research and life quality promotion.

·        Clinical skillsCenter: equipped with three separated rooms for nursing skills, emergencies and anesthesia, and gynecology in an approximate area of 420 meters.

Address: Kermanshah, Ashayer St., Isar Sq., on the opposite of Farabi education and treatment center .

Tel: +98831-8279796, 8279899

Fax: +98831-8279394