Iran is a country with an endless list of cuisines and dishes. One may not believe it, but there are many native Iranians who have not yet had the chance to taste traditional dishes of certain regions around the country.



Traditional Iranian foods are truly diverse, and they range from various kinds of stews to different types of roasted meat and kebabs, fried dishes to baked dishes, numerous soups and pottages to an assortment of salads, desserts, sweets and confectioneries. You have an endless number of choices to enjoy all types of delicious edibles.


The university has scheduled a partial lunch-plan for its students on university workdays, i.e. Saturday to Wednesday, for a subsidized fee. Holidays are also excluded from this plan. Remember that breakfast and dinner are not included.


Although both international student dormitories have fully equipped kitchens and various appliances, students can eat out if they wish. Apart from hundreds of food stands you can find on every street corner.


If you want to try traditional Iranian food, you can go to restaurants around the city or call numerous catering services to have the food delivered to wherever you want. In case fast foods are your choice, you can get any type imaginable in different parts of the city, from sandwiches and pizzas to different deep-fried dishes. You can try both of chain restaurants and single branch diners. Moreover, if you look around, you can find places where international food is on offer. Although these international restaurants are not so many, their number is on the rise. You can mostly find Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and Italian cuisines in these places.


In case you are thinking about enjoying an afternoon with your friends or have a pleasant alone time with yourself, there are numerous cafés and coffeehouses around and about. You can take part in a lively and interesting conversation with your friends while having a scoop of ice cream or sip your coffee while you quietly read your book and enjoy every second of your time. Such places, as well as ice cream parlors, juice bars and snack bars, can be found all over the city.


Trying the Iranian range of edibles is certainly a great experience, and we are sure once you have had a taste, you will come back for more!